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  1. Onboarding
  2. How to automate the feedback process
  3. How to give private feedback
  4. How to give public recognitions
  5. Channel context for feedback
  6. How to setup Goals / OKRs
  7. How to quickly test
  • Onboarding

    Various processes (feedback, recognitions, reporting) in Ulteamo require it to know who managers are and their team members. This information can be fed to Ulteamo in the following ways -

    1. Directory integration:

      If the company's directory (GSuite Directory or Azure Active Directory) is setup with manager information, you could setup an integration by going to Administrator > Integrations > GSuite Directory Integration.
    2. File Import:

      You could upload manager vs team members data by going to Administrator > Users > Import Manager Relationships.
    3. Manual setup:

      A manager can add a Feedback Channel for required team members.

    The above actions setup relationships between managers and team members and create feedback channels for every team member on which they can receive private feedback from their managers.

  • How to automate the feedback process

    Check 1/ and 2/ of the Onboarding section.

  • How to give private feedback

    To give feedback to a team member -

    1. Click on "Give Feedback"
    2. Select appropriate channel (if channel doesn't exist, create a Feedback channel)
    3. Follow instructions provided in the feedback form

  • How to give public recognitions

    To give a recognition -

    1. Select the #Bulletin channel as the context
    2. Click the button Give Recognition
    3. Follow instructions

  • Channel context for feedback

    What is the difference between giving feedback with:

    1. No channel context?

      You will not be able todo this as a channel context is mandatory.

    2. #Bulletin channel context?

      You can only give recognitions here (and not feedback). Recognitions will be visible to everyone in the organization as every member in the organization is a member of this channel.

    Are feedback channels between myself and the individual?

    Yes. Only yourself and the individual can see the feedback as they are the only members of this channel.

    Specifically, who can see the feedback? Is there a difference in notification?

    In all cases, a notification will be sent only to the recipient of the feedback.

  • How to setup Goals / OKRs

    In Ulteamo, Goals are centered around feedback channels as it helps you have conversations and give feedback on Goals. To setup a Goal, create a feedback channel and on it set the parameter Is Enable Goal Tracking. This will allow stakeholders to set a status on the Goal (such as Green, Yellow or Red). Status of Goals can then be tracked with ease.

  • How to quickly test

    Refer to How to give private feedback.

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